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GRE High frequency words

GRE High Frequency Words

1. Garrulous : – adj – talking much or too much, esp. about unimportant things; loquacious : Garrulity – N. Generally politicians are garrulous.

2. Aberrant : – adj – abnormal or deviant, turning away from what is right, true, etc; deviating from what is normal or typical: Aberrant rains washed away some parts of the Orissa.

3. Foment : V- incite - to do or say something that encourages people to behave violently or illegally.

4. Hyperbole: N- Describing something as much better, more important, etc., than it really is / exaggeration for effect and not meant to be taken literally. Ex. He is as strong as an ox. It’s a hyperbolic statement.

5. Tangential : adj – having only a slight or indirect connection with sth / merely touching a subject not dealing with it at length.

6. Neophyte : N – One just beginning a new kind of life, work, etc. : Beginner; novice

7. Austere : Adj – 1) simple & plain 2) Strict serious in appearance & behaviour 3) allowing nothing that gives pleasure : The monk’s austere way of life.

8. Meticulous : Adj – extremely / excessively careful; finicky; scrupulous

9. Discerning – Adj – Astute – having or showing good judgment or understanding; Discerning attitude of wards makes parents happy.

10. Recluse : Adj – a person who lives alone and likes to avoid other persons.

11. Perfunctory : Adj – done as a duty or habit without any interest. A perfunctory smile; They only made a perfunctory effort.

12. Abeyance : N - temporary suspension, as of an activity or function ; The deal was held in abeyance, until her arrival

13. Insipid : - Adj – 1) Having almost no taste or flavour ; A cup of insipid coffee.
2) Not interesting or exciting ; dull; lifeless ; – An insipid conversation.

14. Burgeon : V – to grow or develop rapidly ; Burgeon population/Demand of electricity.

15. Idolatry : N – 1) practice of worshipping statues as Gods; Hindus generally practice idolatry; 2) too much love or admiration of sb/sth; Sachin has got idolatry fans.

16. Log : N 1) Thick piece of wood or tree.
V - To put information in an official record or write a record of events.

17. Equivocate : V – talk sth deliberately in order to avoid or hide truth
use ambiguity to conceal the truth; equivocation

18. Diffidence : N (U) – Diffident – adj ; not having much confidence

19. Dupe : V – to trick or cheat sb;
N – a person who is tricked or cheated.

20. Euphemism : N - mild or vague expression substituted for a harsher or more direct one; a polite word/phrase that is used to avoid saying something embarrassing or offensive; pass away – died; prison – retaining centers.

21. Refute : V – Rebut; to prove that argument or theory/sth is wrong.

22. Obdurate : Adj – Stubborn – refusing to change your mind or your actions in any way.

23. Solicitous : Adj – being very concerned for sb and wanting to make sure that they are comfortable, well or happy

24. Recondite: Adj – not known or understood by many people

25. Extrapolation :N – to estimate or form an opinion about sth or sb.

26. Propriety : N(U) – Fitness, rightness; Correct conduct, socially acceptable behaviour

27. Equanimity: N – 1) keeping cool at difficult times 2) a calm state of mind – not to become angry especially in difficult situations.

28. Abstemious : Adj - Moderate or ascetic / Sparing in eating and drinking

29. Complaisant: Adj – willing to please; acquiescent; obliging

30. Deride : V – to treat sb/sth as ridiculous and not worth considering seriously

31. Commensurate : Adj – equal in extent; proportionate; Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience

32. Belie – V – Contradict; give a false impression; fail to fulfill or justify; disappoint

33. Belle : N - a beautiful or most beautiful women; the most beautiful woman in a particular place

34. Disjointed – Adj – not communicated or described in a clear or logical way; not connected; incoherent; disconnected; take apart at the joints; disturb the working of; disrupt;

35. Insularity : N(U) – only interested in your own country, ideas, etc., and not in those from outside; of or like an island; separated or remote; narrow-minded;

36. Wary : Adj – cautious; on one’s guard; circumspect; showing caution;

37. Intransigence : N(U) – Stubborn – unwilling to change opinion/behaviour in a way that help others; uncompromising;

38. Desultory – Adj – going from one place/point to another/point without a definite plan/enthusiasm – Not methodical

39. Ambiguous – Adj – 1) having two or more meanings; not clear; indefinite; uncertain; 2) that can be understood in more than one way; not clearly stated or defined; difficult to classify

40. Anarchy – N(U) – 1) the complete absence of Govt.; Lawlessness ; disorder in any sphere of activity; 2) A situation in a country/organization without Govt./order or control.

41. Supersede – V – replacement of theory/Technology in place of old.

42. Plummet - v – to fall very quickly in amount or value; fall or plunge rapidly; Temperatures plummeted to minus 20.

43. Penury – N(U) –Poverty; destitution; lack; scarcity; – The state of being very poor.

44. Malingerer – N – A person who pretends to be ill/sick, esp in order to avoid work.

45. Soporific – Adj – Making you feel like going to sleep; to cause to sleep; sleepiness; The soporific effect of the sun.

46. Dirge – N – 1) a song sung in the past at a funeral or for a dead person 2) a song or piece of music that is too slow and sad 3) a funeral hymn 4) a slow, sad song 5) lament for the dead

47. Autonomous – Adj – having self-Govt.; acting or free to act independently

48. Daunt – V – discourage; intimidate; to make sb nervous and less confident about doing sth; daunting (adj)

49. Contention – N – 1) struggle / dispute / argument / rivalry 2) a statement or point that one argues for as true or valid

50. Embellish – V – beautify; adorn; to decorate or improve by adding detail; ornament; adorn; enhance with fictitious additions

51. Perfidious – Adj – Treacherous; faithless

52. Aesthetic – Adj – Sensitivity to art and beauty; artistic

53. Veracious – Adj 1) habitually truthful; honest 2) true, accurate

54. Truculence - N – Aggressiveness, ferocity – a storm of incredible truculence

55. Catalyst – N - 1) Any substance serving as agent in catalysis (the speeding up or sometimes slowing down of the rate of chemical reaction) 2) a person acting as the stimulus in bringing about results.

56. Compendium – N – A summery or abstract containing the essential information in a brief form; Cricket Compendium

57. Pervasive – Adj – Spread throughout

58. Lucid – Adj 1) Bright; Shining 2) transparent 3) clear to the mind

59. Enhance – V – 1) to make greater, as in cost, value, attraction, etc; augment 2) to improve the quality or condition.

60. Platitude – N – sth i.e. boring because it is said many times before

61. Welter – V – Completely involved; to be soaked, stained or bathed; to welter in work; to welter in blood; N – a confusion; turmoil

62. Oscillate – V – to swing 2) to be indecisive in purpose or opinion

63. Zealot – N – Fanatic – A person who is zealous, esp to an extreme or excessive degree; over enthusiastic

64. Impede – V – Obstruct or delay; to bar the progress of

65. Anomalous – Adj – abnormal – deviating from the general rule/usual method.

66. Reticent - Adj; reserved; uncommunicative; He was reticent about his personal life/ private life/ experience. Reticent attitude of Ravi made him alone. Reticence – N(C).

67. Abate - V – subside or moderate; to become less strong: By the weekend, the storms had abated. 2) They postponed their traveling plans until storm abated.

68. Implode – V – burst inward – if you break a vacuum tube implodes.

69. Inadvertently – Adv – unintentionally; by oversight; carelessly; not attentive; heedless; due to oversight

70. Paucity – N – 1) fewness, small number 2) scarcity, dearth, insufficiency.

71. Rescind - v – to revoke, repeal, or cancel:

72. Misanthrope – N – A person who hates or distrusts all people.

73. Negate – V – to deny the existence or truth of 2) to make ineffective

74. Partisan – N – a person who strongly supports one side or party or person.

75. Document – N(C) – A piece of paper with official information on it.

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