Thursday, September 17, 2015

Self-introduction (Know Thyself)

‘Know thyself’

                It was Socrates who said ‘Know thyself’. Everyone should know his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Only then will they be able to face the battle of life with confidence. People in general know very little about themselves. Now you have an opportunity to think and find out about yourself and speak to your friends about your character and personality.

Activity 1

Give specific answers to the following questions about your character, personality, attitudes, likes and dislikes. Your friends will react to your views either by defending them or opposing them. The interaction will thus lead to an open discussion.

1.       What are you by nature? Express your views on each of these items:

    1. Shy and reserved / sociable / aggressive
    2. Confident/hesitant
    3. Humble/proud
    4. Calm and collected / sentimental and impulsive

2.       How do you behave with other people?

Like to initiate talk with strangers / expect other people to talk to you first / prefer to be always surrounded by other people / like to have a lot of friends

3.       Speak briefly about your sleeping habits.

Sleep more than eight hours at night / like to sleep / have a nap during the day / find it difficult to sleep at night

4.       What is your attitude to work?

Like to be active during the day / love holidays / find it difficult to sit quietly / hate work / don’t like to be lazy

5.       How much attention do you pay to your appearance?

Like to wear the latest outfits / prefer to dress in a simple manner / attend to your face before going out / attach importance to make-up / have your hair cut once a month

6.       How practical are you?

Don’t mind doing simple repairs at home / cannot mend anything / prefer to do simple jobs yourself / can fix just about anything

7.       Which is the quality your friends like most in you?
Your honesty / your cheerfulness / your generosity / your willingness to help

8.       How would you describe yourself?
Religious / active / practical / academic / jovial

9.       Which of the following would you choose?
To have at least two friends / a number of acquaintances / just one friend / five or six friends

10.   What would make you most uneasy?
Somebody praising you in front of others / being in a large crowd / people laughing at you / seeing somebody cry

11.   Which would you like most to improve?
Your looks / your attitude to work / your social life / your interest in current affairs / your relationship with your family

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