Friday, March 31, 2017

Describing Objects

Guidelines for Describing Objects:
  • It is made up of glass, leather, silver, plastic, etc.,
  • It is sharp, valuable, tiny, soft, easy to break, etc.,
  • It is round, long and thin.
  • It is used for cutting, sticking things together, carrying things.
  • It has got a lid, handle, etc.,
Questions that help describing Objects:
  • What the object is?
  • Where, how, when you bought it?
  • Description of the object (colour, size, etc.,)
  • Why is it important to you?
  • What you use it for?
  • Why you could not live without it?
  • Any stories, memories associated with it.
Model Statements to Describe Objects:
1)      Introduce the Object:
  • I could not live without my …..
  • One thing I would hate to be without is …..
2)   Describing Object:
  • I bought it from ….
  • It was given to me by …..
  • I have had it for …..
  • It is made of ….
  • It used to belong to …..
3)   Saying why it is important….
  • It is really important to me because…
  • I need it for…..
  • It is very valuable….
  • It has got great sentimental value…
  • It reminds me….
  • I would be really lost without out it….
Digital Jewellery blog:

After reading the passage Answer the following questions.

1. What is the technological wonder described in the above excerpt from a blog?
2. What does a set of digital jewellery typically consist of?
3. What are the functions of each of the pieces in a digital jewellery set?
4. How can voice recognition software take over the keypad and dialling functions?
5. How does a Java ring relieve us of the burden of having to remember several passwords?

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